As I was approaching the age of 75, I thought it was time to realize a goal Iíve put off for a long time, and that was soloing a Pitts S1.

Now, if you approach a good friend and ask if you could fly his Pitts S1, he would most likely offer you his wife or girlfriend for the night, but not his Pitts.So the only solution was to buy my own which I did in 2015.

Here is what I ended up with.  It is a "flat wing" S1C with ailerons only on the bottom wings.  As with all Pitts, landing it can be, shall we say, an interesting experience!

Pitts N113DL Landing on the Numbers March 29th


IMG_3723N113DL - First Day at SZPPitts N113DL Taxing In March 29th