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This information is about the Sukhoi 26M that I owned for a very brief time before selling it to one of Spanish Aerobatic Team members.  In retrospect, I wish I had kept it a bit longer, but circumstances dictated that it be sold.


N215YA (S/N 03-04) is the Sukhoi 26M flown in the 1996 World Aerobatic Championships by Russian team pilot Svetlana Kapanina to first place in the woman's division.  It was purchased by an American immediately afterwards.  And at this year's competition another similar Sukhoi won the Gold.  Svetlana again won Gold in the woman's division and came in 2nd over all.  So there's no doubt about the aircraft's abilities as a world class competitor.

In other words, if you're interested in winning Gold or just having an outstanding performer, arguably,  you couldn't find a better ride than a Sukhoi 26M.  Imagine, a climb rate of over 3500 fpm, a roll rate of 400 degrees per second, and stressed to +12 / -10 g.  This is a very serious aircraft!

bullet1990 Sukhoi 26M                                         N215YA    S/N 03-04
bulletAirframe and M-14P Engine                         780 hrs since new 
bulletMTV-9 250 Propeller                                    170 hrs since new - 3 Bladed
bulletSparkplug Conversion                                  Champion Sparkplugs
bulletB&C Lightweight Alternator
bulletCleveland Brakes
bulletCustom Butler Parachute
bulletHooker Harness Seatbelt System
bulletIn-cockpit Video Camera
bulletLuggage Compartment
bulletExternal Ferry Fuel Tank
bulletFlexible Ferry Tank Hoses
bulletSingle Point Helmet Jack
bulletShow Smoke
bulletWing Tip Sighting Device
bulletMach III Air Data Computer (CRT)                Aviation Instrument Technologies
bulletFP-5 Digital Fuel Computer                          Electronics International
bulletElectronic Digital Tach                                  Horizon Instruments
bulletDigital Com                                                   Terra Radios
bulletMode C Transponder                                   Terra Radios
bulletSpecial Tools - Kit
bullet3 Yakolev Jacks
bulletLimited Spare Parts
bulletOriginal Russian Logs
bulletFull Set of USA Logs
bulletFull Set of Maintenance Manuals